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Desinged in Bali and ground in Germany, the exclusive Ryan Clift M390 Series is a joint collaboration between Balinese master blacksmiths,  Blades of the Gods, German craftsmen, Windmuehlenmesser and Chef-owner Ryan Clift of Tippling Club in Singapore.

The Series melts together our 1100 year-old Balinese tradition of knifemaking, precise and immaculate German craftsmanship and Chef Clifts culinary vision and expertise.

Boehler M390 is a third generation Martensitic chromium steel produced with powder metallurgy. Due to its alloying concept, this steel offers extremely high-wear and high-corrosion resistance, excellent grindability and high mirrorfinish polishability, the perfect combination for high performance knife work. Vacuum-hardened and ice-tempered to 61 HRC.



Each blade is shaped to perfection by Windmuehlenmessers impeccable workmanship, and made akin to Chef Clifts cooking philosophy, In order to get the best, you must first break down everything to its smallest parts and then rebuild it to a higher form.

Alloy-Componets M390 Stahl:

C 1,90 | Si 0,70 | Mn 0,30 | Cr 20,00 | Mo 1,00 | V 4,00 | W 0,60

Blade Specifications:

M390 blade with sandblasted blade, 
mirror polished edge. Ebon hilt, white bronze collar and balancing pentagon.


  • Blade length: 24 cm / 9.45 inch
  • Knife overall: 38 cm / 14.96 inch
  • Knife weight: 200 g