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Smith Empu Ketut Mudra

is considered to be one of the last of his breed.

Born in 1953, Empu Ketut Mudra is the ninth generation of blacksmiths in his family.

Mudra is of the true bloodline of the sacred Pande cast, the only blacksmiths able to forge the magical Keris dagger.

Ketut Mudra's father, Empu Made Mangku Wija, born in 1917 was the son of Empu Wayan Tingkes who tought him the ancient tradition of forging the Keris.


After the Dutch outlawed this small, tight-knit clan, Murdra's ancestors continued their family tradition in secret.

A few more started back up when the Dutch left Indonesia in 1949, after nearly 350 years of colonization.

Today, Ketut Mudra is teaching his sons the Pande arts. The family tree continues to grow and their ancient blacksmith tradition is carried on for another generation.

Empu Ketut Mudra