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The island of the gods

Our journey has brought us closer and closer to the people, the religion and the traditions of this wonderful culture.

We have joined the ceremonies and experienced first-hand the powerful and holy regard placed upon each and every Keris dagger, a weapon both blessed and cursed at the same time.

Balinese men believe a Keris has a soul of its own choosing its owner rather than being chosen.

When we were first granted the privilege to hold a properly blessed Keris, the spark was lit ...


Meeting Empu Ketut Mudra was a blessing. We are aware how fortunate one has to be to make such an acquaintance.

We spent countless hours talking to him about forging techniques, materials and the symbolism behind the blades. We learned Empu Ketut's family history and how it has been part of the Balinese keris history.

Maybe the Keris brought us to Bali, and to Empu Ketut, to hear the story of the "Blades of the Gods". Perhaps you're reading this now because Keris has chosen you?

Island of the Gods