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The people behind it

Blades of the Gods was founded in 2009 by Bernhard Leiner and Thomas Samson because of their shared interest in cooking, in the art of knife making and the preservation of a 1100 year old Balinese tradition.

We searched many places for artisans who share our passion and are capable of the skills to craft extraordinary pieces. Meeting Empu Ketut Mudra and his family - master blacksmiths of the mystical Keris dagger - was destiny.

Ketut Mudra's history and family tradition as well as their sincere and heartwarming friendship which developed over time, finally sparked the creation of "Blades of the Gods".


Bernhard Leiner and Thomas Samson were both born and raised in Vorarlberg, the western most state of Austria.

The call of the sea and their curious nature paired with their aptitude in arts and crafts brought them to the Indonesian island of Bali.

Bernhard Leiner & Thomas Samson

Founders Blades of the Gods
Bali 2009

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