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Forged in Bali and made in Germany, the exclusive Ryan Clift Damascus Series is a joint collaboration between Balinese master blacksmiths, Blades of the Gods, German craftsmen, Windmuehlenmesser and Chef-owner Ryan Clift of Tippling Club in Singapore. The Series melts together our 1100 year-old Balinese tradition of knifemaking, precise and immaculate German craftsmanship and Chef Clifts culinary vision and expertise.

The Ryan Clift Series is a marriage of the Japanese Kiritsuke knife to Windmuehlenmesser famous Solingen dry-fine-grinding technique. Windmuehle is the only company left in Solingen, Germany, who provides this craftsmanship with blades made from Blades of the Gods Damascus steel.



Ruby Specifications:

200 HRC. The knife sharpener is made from synthetic ruby it is about 3 times harder then hardened steel.


  • Ruby length: 31.5 cm / 12.40 inch
  • Ruby overall: 45.5 cm / 17,87 inch
  • Ruby weight: 285 g