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Forged in Bali and made in Germany, the exclusive Ryan Clift Damascus Series is a joint collaboration between Balinese master blacksmiths, Blades of the Gods, German craftsmen, Windmuehlenmesser and Chef-owner Ryan Clift of Tippling Club in Singapore.

The Series melts together our 1100 year-old Balinese tradition of knifemaking, precise and immaculate German craftsmanship and Chef Clifts culinary vision and expertise.

The Ryan Clift Series is a marriage of the japanese Kiritsuke knife shape to Windmuehlenmesser famous Solingen dry-fine-grinding technique. Windmuehle is the only company left in Solingen, Germany, who provides this craftsmanship with blades made from Blades of the Gods Damascus steel.

Boehler K460 steel is our choice for the cutting core, the blade is oil hardened and tempered to up to 63 HRC.




Each blade in the Damascus Steel series bears the pattern of "Pamor Beras Membah"  Indonesian for rice and water. Tradition has it that blades bearing this pattern is charmed and will ensure that the owner of the knives will never go hungry.

Blade Specifications:

Damascus blade with carbonized steel edge, 
covered with 160 iron, manganese steel and pure nickel layers. Ebon hilt, white bronze collar and balancing pentagon.


  • Blade length: 19 cm / 7.48 inch
  • Knife overall: 32 cm / 12.59 inch
  • Knife weight: 190 g