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Lubdhaka Knife                        (ITEM SOLD)

and the history of hunting knives.

The story goes that  Lubdhaka, a poor tribal man and devout worshipper of the god Shiva, was out hunting but was unable to see or kill animals.

It was the night before the new moon in the middle of the jungle. As darkness approached, Lubdhaka climbed to the top of a Bilva tree scared that a tiger would eat him.

As night progressed, Lubdhaka became very tired sitting in the tree. To stay awake he plucked the Bilva leaves and dropped them to the ground one by one chanting "Om Namah Shivaya" to Shiva as they fell. At  dawn's first light, Lubdhaka finds that he has plucked 108 Bilva leaves and realizes that Shiva has spared his life.

While out hunting for food and glory, Lubdhaka ends up discovering truthfulness and Dharma. He realizes that what he experienced during his hunt was symbolic of man's quest for material objects which leads to greed and possession.

Having relinquished his desire for material happiness he opened himself to the spiritual dimension and was cleansed and ready to reach the highest level of heaven.



Blade Specifications:

Damascus blade with carbonized steel edge ‚Ä®covered with 160 iron, manganese steel and pure nickel layers. Ebon hilt  silver and gold plated overlay showing Lubdhaka and Shiva. The front ornament with black star sapphire, ruby, and rainbow moonstone symbolize the Trimurti. The ornaments with blue star sapphires and the Lotus flower with the cat's eye opal denote for spiritual awakening.


  • Blade length: 21.7 cm / 8.54 inch
  • Knife overall: 39.5 cm / 15.55 inch

Knife Sheath Specifications :

Crocodile leather with gold plated lock.