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Naga Belt
The lower kingdom feeds the higher one.

Before time, there were two sister goddesses: Gadru who symbolized the earth and Nata who symbolized the sky. Both were married to Kasyapa, the father of all creatures and of humanity.

Unable to bear children, a high priestess granted Gadru 1000 eggs which became the Nagas, while giving Nata only three eggs.

Jealous of her sister and full of rage, from Nata's first egg bore the first instance of lightening.The second egg became the bright eagle Garuda and the third one his weak brother Aruna. They three became know as the eternal sworn enemies of the Nagas (serpents).

After many battles between the cousins only two Nagas remained: Basukih who signifies safety and shelter, and her sister Anataboga who oversees food, clothing and housing. Both of them immortal, they help the turtle Bedawang Nala protect the world from earthquakes.

This is why the terrifying creators of the underworld are faithful attendants of mankind.



Belt Specifications:

Unisex 34 mm reversible leather belt in black crocodile and
black calfskin, buckle in sterling silver with 4 black diamonds.


  • Buckle weight: 120 Grams
  • Belt length: 080 - 085 - 090 - 095 - 100
  • Please tell us your size.

Box Specifications :

Pentagon shaped leather box covered with
black calfskin, inner layer red suede.


  • 5 times 11.5 x 6.5 cm / 5 times 4.5 x 2.5 inch